When we send forth God’s Word
we send His presence to that given situation.

A letter from Brother Henry

I had been a businessman for about 25 years when I first met Jesus. Soon after, Jesus healed me of a very severe arthritic condition of my shoulders. This healing brought forth a response of “Dear Lord, this is for real. I must go and tell the people.”

From this commitment the Lord asked me specifically to make His people my people, which I did, and I spent the next five years traveling to the various cities of the United States doing intercessory prayer for them. During that time the Lord began to open up my understanding of the spiritual realm and also began teaching me about spiritual beings. He also taught me about His total power and dominion over the heavens and the earth and all that pertaineth to it.

From this call, and by the teaching from the Holy Spirit, my ministry of spiritual warfare began. This learning process first began with prayer that quickly moved into intercessory prayer. Sometime later the Holy Spirit began introducing me into a warfare concept to go along with this intercessory prayer and I called it Intercessory Warfare. Finally, in due time, the Lord moved me into direct confrontational spiritual authority over Satan and his kingdom and I quickly became a mouthpiece and feet for Jesus so that He could continue His ministry here on earth.

With this understand HE began sending me to the nations, to the cities, to various places and to special circumstances. I was sent for the express purpose of tearing down the evil spiritual powers that were ruling over these kingdoms and to destroy the powers of the strong men and their houses that were operating in these kingdoms. I have been called to destroy the evil spiritual governments ruling over the kingdoms according to Jeremiah 1: 9-10.

In 1990 the LORD instructed me to go into every nation of Europe and possess the land of their capital building which contained their parliament. His orders were to destroy the wicked spiritual rulers that were ruling over these nations. He explained it to me this way; these capital buildings, which contain their parliaments, are where the laws of each nation are being made today.

These Capital buildings are the same as the gates of old and did not the Lord command his children to possess the gates of their enemies? As of 1990 there were 35 nations in Europe and I was allowed to do the warfare over 33 of them. In the other two I was either not allowed into the capital or was not allowed into the country. Which two nations were they? Yugoslavia and Albania!! God’s word does prevail for all of the other nations have had years of peace.

In 1990 Jesus also sent me to Moscow. I spent three full days inside the Kremlin grounds proclaiming the Word of God to the Prince of Communism that was over the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. I did what Jesus did – I spoke to Satan, “It is written” with many hundreds of scriptures each day and proclaimed them as God’s Law. In less than 6 months after the Word was sent, communism totally collapsed in one day without a war.

The Son of God who is the Word of God, destroyed communism and the enemy could not retaliate because of “The Word of His Power” and so the takeover was peaceful. God had sent His Word and delivered the people from their bondage answering the prayers of his children. But most important is that Jesus opened the door to evangelism in Russia and to all the eastern european nations [formerly the Soviet Union] so that all the communist nations could receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

During the summer of 1984 the Lord sent me to Germany to speak to that huge cement wall separating communist East Berlin from democratic West Berlin. The Lord had me speak to the Berlin Wall and tell it that HE would make it as the walls of Jericho. He did so in 1989. The wall was torn down and broken into small pieces and sold for souvenirs.

Now Jesus has told me to start a public teaching ministry on spiritual warfare and to offer to teach you all that He has taught me. This is a warfare on how to defeat Satan in our nations, in our cities, in our homes and in our lives. Jesus was, and still is, totally victorious over all evil. He wants us to do likewise with the Word of His power and His dominion over the kingdoms of darkness.

The Lord has told me to tell you:


God Bless,
Brother Henry